About Us

Hello everyone,

My name is Ana from Portugal! I'm a interior designer and the crochet maker of Looping Home.

I learned to crochet, knit and embroider with my grandmother when I was a little girl! After a few years I rediscovered the crochet while working as interior decorator and I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful pieces for home that it is possible to do.

Looping Home was born from the desire of create modern crochet design to make cosy homes, allied the new techniques and recycled materials to contribute to a sustainable world.
I prefer natural fibers and all materials are from certificated european suppliers.

At Looping Home Shop you will find ottoman poufs, bean bags, floor cushions, rugs, several baskets and other decorations for your home.
My work has influences of Scandinavian style, simple, minimal and modern. I love to try new ideas, innovative techniques, different materials to create original pieces by my own. I´m a big fan of Molla Mills crochet style!
I always create my pieces thinking on quality, functionality and design to serving everyday needs and beautify any home.

Looping Home is also about entwined affections of teamwork with my mother and my family support.
The sewn products are made by my mom, needlewoman and fashion modeller with lots of experience that helps me shaping my ideas.
We always looking for improve our products, developing processes and techniques that make them better and high quality.
The whole process is handmade by me and my mother at my home studio, from design to packaging and shipping. We love what we do and believe in the quality of our work, we always looking for satisfy the requests of our customers. 



The materials:
The raw material is essentially zpagetti, a recycled t- shirt yarn of the portuguese textile industry, who cuts fabric surpluses from the garment collections. 
There are many qualities of zpagetti (such as fabrics) with different properties that will decide the performance of parts.
It is a very heavy and sturdy yarn, machine washable to simplify the daily life of any busy woman and home mother.
I also work with other kind of yarns like CottonXL yarn, all recycled and eco friendly yarns of high quality.


I love helping my customers and have good relationships with all of them. Through good communication and transparency we build trust and shortened the distance between us and our countries.
The best thing of my business is to know that my work spread throughout the world and making people happy :)

Thank you for stopping by
All your suggestions are welcome. Your feedback is important to our sucess.

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