Mediterranean Rustic Decor

I'm a big fan of the scandinavian style but I'm also fall in love with the mediterranean rustic style that evokes such a sweet summer days, specially the primitive wooden furniture, unpainted and imperfect and the neutral colors. The best thing is that we can match both and get a very cosy and styling home decor. Using some bohemian accents and natural elements in your decor you can create a really great atmosphere. Simple tricks are adding boho pillowcases, rugs, poufs, blankets and matching with natural elements like straw baskets, wicker chairs, wool tables and stools, lamps, candles and plants. Check some inspiring photos above and figure out what I'm telling you :)

This rustic decor is also great to use outdoors in your terrace, balcony and garden. Don´t forget the hammocks for deep relaxation!


Inspiring Outdoors


( all imges from pinterest)

And you? What do you think of this meditteranean mood?