Make your own cactus planter

The weekend is on the corner, so today I decided to bring you a great craft idea to do with your kids! This would definitely be an awesome bonding activity for the family especially the painted stone!

Make your own cactus planter with stones. A beautiful and creative idea to re-organizing your balcony and terrace with your own projects. They also be awesome on your indoor decor, too :)

Check how cool they look like!


All pictures are from Pinterest, visit my Board Diy and Craft Ideas and get more inspiring ideas


What do you think? Are you going to try?

Be inspired and share with me your beautiful crafts! 

Have a creative weekend



I love your Blog. I always

I love your Blog. I always look forward to seeing what you are doing. I will be sure to check up on you here!

To be frank, I thought these

To be frank, I thought these were real cactus plants for a moment. I think you have selected the stones that had some resemblance to the shape of cactus plants and been so good at arranging them to make us feel so.
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